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MCTA RentalGuy - Rental Property / Rooming Accommodation Management

MCTA RentalGuy Property Management gives Landlords(s) the powerful advantage when it comes to managing their rental properties.
Now with the MCTA RentalGuy Property Management system you can manage your house(s)/ share room(s)/ townhouse(s)/ unit(s)/ apartment(s) … all in one place! Not only is the MCTA RentalGuy Property Management system easy to use it gives you many bonus advantages like:

  •  Print and export invoices to a file / email the invoice to your tenant.
  •  Track payment history / total of your annual rental money record.
  •  Overdue payment reminder/ calendar event reminders (e.g. Collect rental or contract renewal…etc.) and event search (sear for an important event).
  •  Easy-to-read graph for your income and expenses/ rental status.

And much more!

MCTA RentalGuy Property Management System also lets you take full control of your equipment, photos, your house inspections…etc.

Our intelligent payment tracking system gives you a complete full history of all your payments.

Analyze your rental and other payment with our reporting system. The fully featured reporting system lets you know what your total rental payments have been allowing you to monitor the benefit of your rental income.

MCTA RentalGuy Property Management System is the best choice for landlords who manage more than one rental property.

What can MCTA RentalGuy assist you

  •  Unlimited houses / Rooms
  •  Available house / Available house list.
  •  Closed house / Closed house list.
  •  House total rental / Annual rental.
  •  House Manager.
  •  Designate house colour.
  •  House Rental Status.
  •  Current tenant / Current tenant list
  •  Discontinued tenant and list.
  •  House equipment item and photo.
  •  House photo.
  •  House inspection and list.
  •  Unlimited Tenants.
  •  Available tenant / Available tenant list
  •  Closed tenant / Closed tenant list.
  •  Tenant total rental / Annual rental.
  •  Designate tenant colour.
  •  bond lodged / Deposit / Credit.
  •  Lease agreement list.
  •  Display next rental start / end date.
  •  Discount period setting.
  •  Add / Edit / Delete / Print / Export File / Email Invoice to tenant
  •  Automatically counted tenant's rental payment period, amount, discount price and meter reading charge.
  •  Item / Tax setting
  •  Received(Paid) payment.
  •  Payment method setting.
  •  Total balance due.
  •  Invoice list.
  •  Auto-generate rental draft invoices.

  •  Calendar event.
  •  Display by month or two days.
  •  Calendar Event reminder (Collect rental / Contract renewal ....etc).
  •  Repeat your remind events
  •  Designate event colour.
  •  Event search.
Overdue payment
  •  Display all the defaulter overdue payment list.
  •  Send remind email letter to the defaulter to ask for the payment.
  •  Print out / Save file the overdue payment list as a notice.
  •  Income and Expense Report.
  •  Lease Agreement Report.
  •  Investment Return Report.
  •  Credit Statement.
  •  Account Statement.
  •  Tax Report.
  •  Annual Closing Report.
  •  Invoice Report with Income/Expense

  •  Income Analysis Graph.
  •  Expense Analysis Graph.
  •  Profit Analysis Graph.
  •  Income / Expense Analysis Graph.
  •  Backup database.
  •  Restore database.
  •  Compact / Repair / Compression database.
  •  Annual Closing.
  •  Upgrade Tool From RentalMate.

  •  Outstanding and Overdue Payment.
  •  Tax.
  •  Item.
  •  Payment Method.
  •  Other Supplier.
  •  House Manager Profile.
  •  House Manager Account Details.
  •  Account Transfer.
  •  Account Transfer List.
  •  General Setting.
  •  Email Letter SMTP Setting.
  •  Language Setting.
  •  Login Setting.
  •  Login/out.

The system requirements to use MCTA RentalGuy

Hardware :
  •  PC with Intel Pentium 4 CPU or higher
  •  1GB of RAM
  •  1024 x 768 resolution or higher
  •  2GB hard drive space or bigger

Software :
  •  Windows XP SP2 or later / Windows 7 / Windows 8 / Windows 8.1
  •  Microsoft .NET Framework 3.5 or higher

Install packages use the Windows Installer 3.0 (or higher) installation engine. The engine ships with the latest Microsoft operating systems, service packs, updates and applications.

Trial Version

Installation Instructions
1. Make sure the hardware and software requirements are fulfilled.
2. Extract files from RentalGuy_Trial.zip into a folder.
3. Install RentalGuy by double clicking on the Setup.exe or RentalGuySetupMSI.msi if your Microsoft .NET Framework 3.5(or higher) has been installed.
Please Note:
Windows Installer 3.0 and Microsoft .NET Framework 3.5(or higher) are software required for Windows XP user.

Software products often depend on other components to be installed in order to run properly. From other applications to databases, frameworks and run-time environments, it is the installer's job to make sure that the right versions are present before the main application is ready to run.

Full Version

Step 1:

Step 2:

Step 3:
Fill in your Details. Please make a payment via PayPal security payment (PayPal Account or Credit Card). Pay your payment.(Currency: AUD$)

Step 4:

Step 5:
You will receive a Receip and a Product Active email within 1 to 5 working days(most 24hours) after your payment has been fully paid.
The Receipt email is inclusive of [Reference Number].
The Product Active email is inclusive of [Activation Code].
Run MCTA RentalGuy Trial version and Activate it with [Reference Number] and [Activation Code].

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