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MCTA RentalGuy
MCTA RentalGuy Property Management gives Landlords(s) the powerful advantage when it comes to managing their rental properties.

  •  Manage unlimited houses / Rooms
  •  Manage unlimited Tenants.
  •  Manager account.
  •  Auto-generate rental draft invoices
  •  Event calendar reminder.
  •  Renting status.
  •  Overdue payment.
  •  Income and Expense Report.
  •  Account Statement.
  •  Tax Report.
  •  Income / Expense Analysis Graph.
  •  Security control.
  •  Database Maintenance .
  •  Annual Closing.

Desktop Calendar To-Do-List
With the MCTA Desktop Calendar To-Do-List you can easily manage your important events on your windows desktop.
It¡¦s a personal To-Do-List on your desktop!

  •  Customize calendar size
  •  Customize calendar background color.
  •  Customize calendar grid line color.
  •  Customize calendar title background color .etc
  •  Change your event font color.
  •  Backup/ restore all events.
  •  Search events.
  •  Repeat events from every day, week, month and even every year.
  •   export you events to a text file (.txt), word document (.doc) or even an excel file (.xls).


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